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Yoga is about quieting the mind..learning to pay attention...it is about getting present in the now... Yoga Sutra I:12 says we quiet the mind through practice and non-attachment. Practice is the effort to keep the mind focused. This means that everything we do on and off the yoga mat can be practice. Changing diapers can be practice, sitting in traffic can be practice, eating can be practice... So, when I say Just Practice Yoga, I mean make an effort to be fully present whatever you are doing, whether it is down dog, a handstand or washing dishes. Enjoy the journey!

Pam Schulte currently teaches yoga in her hometown of St Louis, Missouri. She is a 500 hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and offers a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered teacher training program.
Pam teaches vinyasa/astanga flow and hatha yoga. Her vinyasa classes focus on connecting breath with movement to create a flowing meditation in motion. Pam teaches in a way that honors the uniqueness of her students. She refers to her students as snowflakes...meaning no two students bodies are exactly alike. Through her teaching, students learn how to modify the poses for their unique make up. She has a disciplined yet compassionate style which encourages students to "pay attention to the details" and at the same time "go with the flow" of the practice. She has been studying astanga yoga with internationally renowned author/teacher Beryl Bender Birch since 1996. She also draws inspiration from teachers such as: Rod Stryker, Ana Forrest, Jonny Kest, Paul Grilley and many others.

Pam's classes are both sweaty and fun. She brings a light heartedness to the yoga mat that helps make yoga enjoyable and accessible to everyone! She inspires, challenges and empowers her students to take responsibility for their practice...on and off the yoga mat.

In addition to group classes and teacher training, Pam also offers private yoga lessons. She offer chair yoga for seniors, adaptive yoga for special needs clients and customized lessons for every student.
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Effort toward steadiness of mind is practice.
Yoga Sutra 1:13
Just Practice Yoga
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