Front Body Open, Back Body Strong

an anti-slouching practice to counter the effects of sitting (and smart phone use)

March 31, 2019 from 2 to 4:30 pm at Just Practice Yoga

$35 per person

Instructor:  Pam Schulte

Join Pam for this amazing class designed to free up the front body from head to toes.  We will have fun using props (blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets and the wall) to stretch the chest, belly, quads and shins…while also strengthening key muscles on the backside that help us sit and stand taller.  Explore twisting, side bending, forward bending and back bending.  Improve circulation through the whole body (including up to the brain), lift your mood, and deepen the breath.  A couple restorative poses, and a few partner assisted movements will be offered as well.  This will be an accessible and well-rounded class, with a lovely shavasana at the end.  Walk away from this workshop with fresh ideas for using yoga as an antidote to siting and using technology (which most of us do excessively).  This class is appropriate for all experience levels.  CEUs are available for Yoga Alliance Registered teachers.