April 27, 2019 from 2 to 4 pm

$28 per person or $50 for two people

Instructor:  Joyce Lawrence

Join Joyce Lawrence for this master class revolving around the hip joints.  Hips are often an area of tightness in our bodies, whether from spending a lot of time sitting or from sports like running or cycling.  The “hip girdle” and the 20+ muscles that it encompasses are the central station of the body and the connection point for the spine and legs.  Hip mobility improves your relationship with the rest of your body allowing for increased range of motion, flexibility, better circulation and overall well-being.

In this class we will first release the hips lying on the floor with fun, soft, gentle movements that can be done by anyone.  This way you will have less muscular tension and be able to focus on what’s really going on in your body.  We will continue our exploration with more familiar hip openers.  The use of props, wall poses, and restorative poses makes this a class you don’t want to miss.  The class will close with a deep releasing and relaxing shavasana; leaving you open and newly connected to this important part of your body.   If you are one of those students who often requests hip openers, you will love this class and will surely walk away with some new moves!

Joyce has been teaching yoga for 20 years to students of all ages and abilities.  She has taught group classes at community centers and studios and also teaches private lessons.  She has a passion for making yoga accessible and fun, and is constantly adding to her “yoga toolbox”.  Many of you have probably met her in classes at the studio or had her as a substitute teacher.  I am super excited for Joyce to share her knowledge with the Just Practice Yoga community.

We expect this to be a popular class, so register early!