Previous Special Events

Restorative Yoga Workshop: Rest and Reset and Feel the Magic

Enjoy an afternoon of restorative yoga, presence, and community at Just Practice Yoga.  The workshop will begin with gentle movement before the stillness of longer held, supported poses.  By using props (such as blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps) deeper states of rest and relaxation become possible.  The use of props support the physical body; this in turn also supports the mind, creating space to practice “being” rather than “doing”.   This workshop will conclude with a guided meditation, followed by a final rest accompanied by the sound of singing bowls.

All levels of experience can benefit from this practice, and no prior experience is necessary to attend.  Props will be provided, but if you have your own please bring them along!  Pre-registration is recommended as this offering will be limited to ten people.  Come rest your body and your mind. Come and be.

Hip Focused Master Class

Join Joyce Lawrence for this master class revolving around the hip joints.  Hips are often an area of tightness in our bodies, whether from spending a lot of time sitting or from sports like running or cycling.  The “hip girdle” and the 20+ muscles that it encompasses are the central station of the body and the connection point for the spine and legs.  Hip mobility improves your relationship with the rest of your body allowing for increased range of motion, flexibility, better circulation and overall well-being.

In this class we will first release the hips lying on the floor with fun, soft, gentle movements that can be done by anyone.  This way you will have less muscular tension and be able to focus on what’s really going on in your body.  We will continue our exploration with more familiar hip openers.  The use of props, wall poses, and restorative poses makes this a class you don’t want to miss.  The class will close with a deep releasing and relaxing shavasana; leaving you open and newly connected to this important part of your body.   If you are one of those students who often requests hip openers, you will love this class and will surely walk away with some new moves!

Front Body Open, Back Body Strong:  an anti-slouching practice to counter the effects of sitting

Join Pam for this amazing class designed to free up the front body from head to toes.  We will have fun using props (blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets and the wall) to stretch the chest, belly, quads and shins…while also strengthening key muscles on the backside that help us sit and stand taller.  Explore twisting, side bending, forward bending and back bending.  Improve circulation through the whole body (including up to the brain), lift your mood, and deepen the breath.  A couple restorative poses, and a few partner assisted movements will be offered as well.  This will be an accessible and well-rounded class, with a lovely shavasana at the end.  Walk away from this workshop with fresh ideas for using yoga as an antidote to siting and using technology (which most of us do excessively).  This class is appropriate for all experience levels.  CEUs are available for Yoga Alliance Registered teachers.

Passage:  New Year’s Eve Candlelight Yoga

The year’s end can be so much more than the simple turning of a calendar page. Maybe it’s a slow, grateful farewell to all that has passed, or maybe it’s a good riddance. Perhaps it’s a first step, or a second chance. The transition from year to year can be as literal or as symbolic as we make it, but certainly worthy of a pause for both body and soul.

Join Becky Vollmer for a cleansing three-hour yoga New Year’s Eve practice to honor the passage from 2018 to 2019. We’ll move through candlelit asana, sit for periods of quiet pranayama and meditation, and culminate with a deep, nourishing rest to close out what’s gone and welcome the next 12 months of healing, opportunity and adventure.

Class is open for all levels. Cost is $45.

Couples Yoga Workshop:  Relationship YoGoals

Join husband-and-wife yoga teachers Becky Vollmer and Martin Caupp for an afternoon of connection on the mat.

In this 2½ -hour partner session, we’ll see how love is truly at the heart of yoga. We’ll explore postures, breathwork and meditation in ways that enhance trust, understanding and connection within a relationship. We’ll make good poses feel even better by doing them together. And, mostly, we’ll enjoy a meaningful practice with a meaningful person.

This workshop is appropriate for all experience levels and all couples.

Yoga Tools for a Healthy Spine

There is a famous saying…we are as young as our spine is flexible.  Our entire nervous stems from the spine, and in this day and age of sitting for long periods — usually slouched or with the head forward of the rest of the spine — we are experiencing more and more problems with the spine and the surrounding musculature.  Slouching not only disrupts breathing, it compresses internal organs, acts as a depressant to our emotional body, and changes the balance of strength and flexibility in the core of our body.

This class will include easy to understand anatomical explanations of how the spine moves and then take you through a practice that will provide ideas and techniques for keeping your spine healthy, happy, strong and flexible from head to tailbone.  It is quite simple really…move your spine in all directions every day!  Class will conclude with a guided meditation and will be accessible for multiple levels.  CEUs are available for teachers.  If you have a current back injury or spinal condition, contact to see if this class is appropriate.  Pre-registration is recommended.