Testimonials – Classes

Thanks for another great year of yoga. Every class is a surprise and a delight. Jane

I went to Janiece’s class this morning and was happy with her teaching style. Her instructions are clear and she doesn’t go too quickly. She is calm and supportive. I would say she subscribes to the Pam school of yoga teaching. I was really very happy to be there.


It is a joy and honor to have you as our guide post through our yoga journey. I recall shuttering at the thought of participating in one of your classes. Then I matriculated to being a regular at your classes. These classes molded me into a yogi and spurred my interest enough to take your teacher training. Now yoga is the discipline and barometer that I employ to tackle most of my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual travails.  Yoga is a natural medicine- a gift – that heals more than the physical. All this to say THANK YOU! You are a very special person that Martha and I treasure. You have always practiced what you preach. That is rare today.


I’d like you to know how much I enjoy your classes. Each one is truly a work of art.


I really enjoyed the class- it was exactly what I was looking for. It was very peaceful. Thank you for being so welcoming! I will definitely be back for another class in the future.


I just have to tell you — I love the way you lead your classes.  They are the perfect blend.  I love the active parts, the reflective parts, the emphasis on breathing, and your sense of humor is the icing on the cake.


What a perfect studio you have created.  It is so dignified in a sea of yoga factories. Thank you for not conforming to the discount yoga systems that are so prevalent.  You are worth the price!  What a beautiful offering. It is so exciting. Best of luck to Pam Schulte and Just Practice Yoga!


Thank you for such a wonderful class on Tuesday.  I felt peace as soon as I crossed the threshold of your studio, and the entire class time was so peaceful. My neck, back and shoulders were “released” and never felt better! I just couldn’t go another day without reaching out to tell you how much I appreciated coming to your class. Where have you been all of my life? The class was great…I mean, wonderful!


Pam has a magnetic quality that maintains a student’s attention, makes one want more. I love having you as a teacher–you are the best and most conscientious yoga instructor I have ever seen. So, thank you.


The classes were great. I really liked holding some of the stretches and focusing on the breath. To me the breath is always the most critical thing and you did such a great job bringing that to the forefront.  Again – thank you very much for such amazing classes.


Pam speaks to her students in a way that is sincere and respectful. When she says to take a moment to let your body assimilate, she really means it.


Your teaching and classes are exemplary! You set the bar high. It has been my pleasure and good fortune to have this opportunity to study and practice yoga with you. Each of your classes is a work of art!


Thank you for doing what you love and serving!  We are all better practitioners because of you!


You are an amazing yogi.  You have a great spirit and a wise soul.  Your knowledge and technical skills are astounding; but your true gift is your ability to guide.


Pam, you are a blessing in my Yoga path. It is amazing how the universe has showed me the steps to continue my growth, and as you know the role of a teacher is key.  So you are in my gratitude list with huge respect and admiration.


You are still my favorite teacher!  You are the one I compare everyone too.  NO one has lived up to you!


What I have learned from you as person and a teacher is beyond words.  I feel more than I can say how you have changed my life. Feelings are hard to describe.  Thank You is not enough from me to you.


I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to participate in class Saturday.  I am very fortunate to have you as an instructor and appreciate any extra opportunity to practice with you.