Testimonials — special events

October 2019 Yoga Fundamentals with Janiece

I really enjoyed Saturday’s yoga fundamentals class with Janiece.  I’ve done a number of yoga classes in the past, but usually had to fumble my way through the basics.  It was very helpful to have someone walk through the fundamentals of proper foot placement and body alignment, as well as structure / etiquette for studio classes.  Rebecca

March 2019 Front Body Open, Back Body Strong

Great workshop.  I loved all of it.  Thanks for your great energy and enthusiasm.  You’re the best.  Sita

Thank you for Sunday’s class.  It was so relevant to me.  I appreciate your help because I want to make sure I add more back strengthening and front body opening poses into my practice.  Judy W.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class! It was exactly what I needed both because I sit all day and also to ease me back into my practice.  Judi M.

September 2018 Gentle and Restorative Yoga with Yoga Nidra

”  Your class was well presented and an amazing sequence.  I loved all of it.  I love the way you teach.  Your teaching presence is always playful, fun, and inspiring.  The Nidra was very relaxing.”  Sita

“I loved the easy pace, the mix of stretches and restorative poses, and the Yoga Nidra was amazing!”  Patrick Z.

“Thank you so much for offering this class.  It was soothing to the nervous system, the body, the mind… Just what I needed!  You have a great new yoga space Congratulations !”  Nancy B.

April 2018 — Gentle yoga for healthy joints

I truly enjoyed the Healthy Joint workshop Saturday at Valley Yoga. I was recently diagnosed with a rheumatoid disease and the poses personally will be so helpful to me. Your yoga nidra was one of the best that I have participated in.  You really are a very special teacher. Love your touch of humor with your extensive experience. Practicing with you is a real gift.  Kathy W.

April 2018 — snowflake principle of yoga

“Your snow flake principle immersion was outstanding. The content was relevant and applicable for yoga teachers and students alike. Your focus and demonstrations of the unique anatomical differences from person to person made it crystal clear for me why the expression of a posture differs from mat to mat. As you said, “We are all playing different musical instruments on our mats…”  The Snowflake principle is always in effect; consequently, modification with blocks, straps, bolsters, etc. may be necessary to execute a posture safely. Learning how to evaluate my anatomy better and others opened the door to troubleshooting pain in a posture or after a practice. I particularly enjoyed the discussion and test for how to determine if Chatturanga should be done knees up or down.  As always you delivered more than I expected.    I was honored to be part of such a deep dive, intense weekend!”  PETE

“Thank you Pam for your knowledge, awareness and desire to help and teach others through the practice of yoga Asana. Teaching and allowing each of us to understand that we are unique and therefore how we approach our practice should be unique as well.”  AMANDA

March 2018 — partner yoga

“The Partner Yoga class was a win for me both as a student as an a teacher. Pam and Jeanne led a safe, uniquely creative and fun journey through partner poses, offering modifications and the opportunity to explore greater depth.  I felt a wonderful connection to my partner and was enlarged as a teacher with some new inspiration I hadn’t discovered.  I left refreshed, grounded and grateful. Would recommend this class to anyone.”  DEDE

“Great class and awesome time to bond with your partner! It is also really fun ?”  MARIA

“Wonderful class! Really enjoyed Pam and Jeanne’s approach to partner yoga. A great way to connect with a partner/friend/loved one. As a yoga teacher, I also benefited from the assists they shared. All around it exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend to all!”  MELISSA

March 2018 — snowflake principle of yoga

“Thank you Pam for sharing your mastery of anatomy and range of motion with us. And also, thank you for managing to keep the spirituality of Yoga included. I have been doing a better job of meditating on the infinite during my own practice as well as throughout my entire day, and it has been an amazing difference. ”  BILL

January 2018 — snowflake principle of yoga

“The Spine Snowflake Principle weekend immersion class was an excellent experience, made even better than the agenda by the quality of participants who attended. Great information and methodology for Yoga teachers, and if you have a home practice you are also a Yoga teacher (I am my own Guru!)”  BILL

“The weekend was filled with many “Aha!” moments as we worked through a variety of poses designed to help us identify how the spine — and the pelvis — move, and how they effect and are effected by breathing and movement. As I write this, I am now conscious of maintaining a neutral spine, with my shoulder blades down my back, and my chin slightly tucked and back. All in all, an extremely worthwhile and helpful event.”  LISA

“I so enjoyed every aspect of Pam’s spine immersion class. The flow of each class from asana practice to learning about the anatomy of the spine and the proper movements through the poses was just right. With each class, I gain a deeper understanding of the connection between breath, movement and what my own body can do. Pam is a master at sharing her deep knowledge of yoga! I leave each class feeling serene joy.”  INGRID

“Really enjoyed the information in this class. In usual Pam style, the information was clear, enlightening and so relevant to teaching, personal practice and personal health. Thanks Pam. You’re a Master!”  MARTHA

“This class highlighted spinal anatomy and its biomechanics at play on and off the mat. This immersion stressed how to keep postures safe and underscored the concept that the same posture may provide a range of experiences for class participants depending on their unique anatomies.  Pam’s passion for the practice of yoga oozes into her clear, concise and enthusiastic delivery of this information.”  PETE

“I loved all three sessions over the Spine weekend. The time just flew by. The discussions were interesting. The Asanas (physical practice) was amazing. I loved getting a complete overhaul on my Down Dog. Also loved all the opportunities to do hands on adjustments on each other.”  MARIANA