Beryl Workshop

Doing the Work!

A weekend immersion with Beryl Bender Birch. 

Rescheduled for June 2 to 4, 2017

We are happy to welcome Beryl Bender Birch back to St Louis for a weekend of yoga and meditation practice.  Beryl is the author of 4 books on yoga and has been teaching yoga for over 40 years.  She brings a down to earth approach to the practice of this ancient methodology and believes that the whole point of practicing yoga – other than for the benefits of clarity, peace of mind, and good physical and mental health – is to have the experience of yoga, of awakening!!  Awakening to what?  Awakening to the realization that we are all connected.  And not just holding that as a worldview, although it is a good world view to hold.  But actually getting it in every cell in our body!   That transformational moment of boundlessness, of connecting to Great Spirit, opens us to the realization that if we aren’t using our yoga practice, and the resulting awareness it hopefully brings, to serve the planet and its inhabitants, then we aren’t really doing yoga.  For more on Beryl go to


Friday, June 2 from 6-9pm:   WHY ARE YOU HERE?

Introduction to the weekend and discussion of Why are you here? Why do you do yoga? Unwind from your week with light asana practice followed by yoga nidra (guided deep relaxation).

Saturday, June 3 from 9am-12pm:   DETOX FOR BODY AND MIND

Discussion of the yoga tools of bandhas, breath and drishti – key allies in releasing toxins and tension from our bodies and minds. Practice a powerful sequence of postures designed for detox and healing – can be gentle or vigorous (adaptable for all). The morning concludes with pranayama. Cultivation of conscious breathing trains the mind to be present and is a gateway to the Soul. When the mind quiets down, we are able to see more clearly, which leads to greater health and happiness.

Saturday, June 3 from 1:30-4:30pm:  YOGA SUTRA DISCUSSION AND MEDITATION

Come dive beyond sun salutes and yoga poses into the heart of yoga. The philosophy and tools for transformation contained in the Yoga Sutra take center stage in our discussion so please bring any copy of the sutras that you have. The afternoon will conclude with meditation.  Modern medicine and science are beginning to praise meditation for the power it has to act as an antidote to the stresses of modern living. Students will learn a simple meditation technique to help relieve anxiety and depression in just 12 minutes a day.

Sunday, June 4 from 9am-12pm:  WHY ALIGNMENT MATTERS

Get moving with asana, mindful attention and breathing. Learn the importance of alignment, as well as how to examine and modify poses for maximum effect.


Alberici Corporate Headquarters at 8800 Page Avenue

Most St. Louisans have noticed the wind turbine at Page and 170, a landmark of the Alberici construction company. This iconic green building will be the location for the workshop.  The Alberici building became famous when certified in 2004 as the highest-LEED-rated commercial building in the world. 

We will have use of the on-site cafeteria area on Saturday which has both outdoor and indoor seating.  Bring your lunch and take a stroll on the walking trails.  The trails wind through the native prairie and retention ponds surrounding the building, showcasing native plants and apiaries for bees.  The retention ponds eliminate storm water runoff, while a catchment system collects rainwater that hits the roof of the parking garage.  This water is then treated and used for flushing toilets, saving nearly 150,000 gallons of water a year.  The wind turbine and rooftop solar panels generate a significant portion of the buildings energy needs, which is another highlight of this beautiful building.



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