Yoga Tools for a Healthy Spine

Sunday October 28 from 1:30 to 4 pm

Taught by Pam Schulte

$35 per person, or two for $60

There is a famous saying…we are as young as our spine is flexible.  Our entire nervous stems from the spine, and in this day and age of sitting for long periods — usually slouched or with the head forward of the rest of the spine — we are experiencing more and more problems with the spine and the surrounding musculature.  Slouching not only disrupts breathing, it compresses internal organs, acts as a depressant to our emotional body, and changes the balance of strength and flexibility in the core of our body.

This class will include easy to understand anatomical explanations of how the spine moves and then take you through a practice that will provide ideas and techniques for keeping your spine healthy, happy, strong and flexible from head to tailbone.  It is quite simple really…move your spine in all directions every day!  Class will conclude with a guided meditation and will be accessible for multiple levels.  CEUs are available for teachers.

If you have a current back injury or spinal condition, contact to see if this class is appropriate.  Pre-registration is recommended.  Pay using the button below, or email for instructions on paying via check.