YTT Testimonials

I always recommend teacher candidates and/or teachers looking for additional credentials to go to you.  It was you who made yoga work for me and then showed me how to make it safe and practical for all my students, and how to make all of Yoga’s offerings safe and effective.

Bill (200 hour foundational teacher training)

Thank you for this past year, for taking me under your wing and showing me the true meaning and power of yoga.

200 hour graduates 2019

Carolyn (200 hour foundational teacher training)

Thank you for sharing yourself with me for these nine months.  Thank you for all the time, effort and passion you poured into us during our teacher training.  Thank you sharing your love and teaching the beauty of yoga.  Thank you for weaving yoga philosophy into all of your teaching, gently molding what was the weakest part of my practice into what I now identify as a strength.  I walk into every class I teach with confidence I attribute to you.

     Martin (200 foundational teacher training)

I just want you to know that I appreciate you so much.  You have been such a blessing to my life.  I could never put into words how truly grateful I am to have been blessed to share this year with such beautiful souls.

The light in me honors the light in you.

     Ashlee (200 hour foundational teacher training)

Thank you, thank you, thank you…for your teaching in words and actions…for modeling integrity and discipline, patience and compassion.  Thank you for your tireless dedication to the practice and to your students.  You embody yoga and brought me to the gates of knowledge.

     Nivi (200 hour foundational teacher training)

Thank you for doing what you love and serving!  We are all better practitioners because of you!

     Bridget (200 hour foundational training)

Thank you Pam.  This has been a life changing experience.

     Jim (200 hour foundational training)

200 hour graduates 2017

You are an amazing yogi.  You have a great spirit and a wise soul.  Your knowledge and technical skills are astounding; but your true gift is your ability to guide.

     Daniel (March)

Thanks for all of your time and talent.  Your passion and dedication to the yoga community is a thing of beauty to experience.  Thank you for this magnificent experience.

     Beth Ann (200 hour foundational training)

Pam, you are a blessing in my Yoga path. It is amazing how the universe has showed me the steps to continue my growth, and as you know the role of a teacher is key.  So you are in my gratitude list with huge respect and admiration.

     Raiza (200 hour foundational training)

As the end of training draws near…. I just wanted to take this opportunity to give you many thanks. You are an amazing Yogi and person and I am SO proud to tell everyone my teacher is Pam Schulte! Thanks for everything! I really mean it!

     Tori (300 hour advanced training)

300 Hour Graduates 2016

I would recommend you with BIG KUDOS, to whomever is interested, crossing my path on this journey, I call life.  I have accomplished so much, and am looking forward to where my yoga will continue to take me down the road. I have a feeling it will take me places I never dreamed of and that’s very exciting to me!   I’m so happy I found you and have had the opportunity to learn & gain so much from your training.  Thank you for all you share!  It was a GREAT class of people & personalities, and I look forward to keeping in touch with them all.  Thanks again Pam….for all your knowledge and inspiration!

     Nancy (200 hour graduate)

I wanted to send you an email of thanks and gratitude for training me a couple years ago.  The benefits are multiplying across many different domains.  I also remember during teacher training you talking about the importance of having a gratitude journal.  This has definitely helped me get through some harder times and be more grateful for what I have rather than what I do not have.

     Jonathan (200 hour graduate)

Thank you for being you Pam. You are an amazing teacher and mentor.  Some days you might not even realize how much you inspire people just being you and doing what you love. For me personally you have really helped me honor and accept my own personal strengths.  I’m so thankful for the path my life has taken this year and for this awesome yoga journey.

200 hour graduates 2014

      Colleen (200 hour graduate)

You have such a gift for transforming yoga class into a spiritual experience for your students. I don’t mean that in a lofty, woo, woo way, but as a way to express the organic, easy, attentive, compassionate way of teaching that you have. The special attention we each receive regardless of the size of the class, as well as your inclusive way of dealing with new students knowing how intimidating it can be for someone new (that once was me).

As a long time student of yours it has been a pure pleasure to watch you and be apart of your growth as well as my own. I truly, truly am a better student and teacher because you have opened my mind to many teachings on and off the mat which is the point, right?!

I’m so happy God led me to you and I want you to know that you hold a special place in my life!

Bless you & Namaste!

          Judi (2oo hour graduate)

I recall that I wrote you a note shortly after teacher training graduation commenting on the wonderful life change I experienced from your teacher training program.  The wonderful impact yoga has on my life has only gotten better and deeper as time moves along.  I am ever grateful to you for guiding me through this experience.

          Karen (200 hour graduate) 

I teach with Liz Roodman over at Sweet Peace Yoga and your name comes up so often ? as we are both so grateful and honored to have gone through our training with you!  It was a life-changing experience  that will always be with me.

Anyway, I think of you often and I continue to be grateful for all of the knowledge and passion you have shared with so many of us!


          Carrie (200 hour graduate)

You’ve been such a tremendous influence on me, which in turn has an impact on my relationships with family and friends and, most importantly, my Self. You’ve given me – and continue to bless me with – countless gifts: new perspectives, a good example to follow, and empowerment to name a few. So many people travel hundreds or thousands of miles to find THEIR TEACHER. How lucky am I to have found you right here close to home.

Thank you for being MY TEACHER. You are a blessing to me – and to many.


          Becky (500 hour graduate)

What I have learned from you as person and a teacher is beyond words.  I feel more than I can say how you have changed my life. Feelings are hard to describe.  Thank You is not enough from me to you.


200 hour graduates 2006

          Linda (200 hour FYTT graduate)

Pam, thank you for all your wisdom and energy and time. I am learning so much from you and you crank out unbelievably great yoga teachers ? thank you for the impeccable awareness that you are instilling in all of us and the passion behind your intention.

          Maddie (500 hour graduate)

Thanks again for being such an amazing bright light while being so calm and so cool.  For being so sweet and supportive (I really needed this) while being so solid and strong (and I really needed THIS!).  Your sukha/stira balance for this advanced YTT was spectacular!  We are beyond blessed to have you as our fearless leader.


          Michelle (500 hour graduate)

The teacher training process has changed my life in ways that I am only beginning to know.   A seed has been planted for a new way of thinking and interacting with the world, for this I am grateful and excited about the future.  That is a sentiment that I couldn’t say a year ago. It has been wonderful.  Thank you for our time together.

     Nicki (200 hour graduate)

Thank you for another fabulous yoga teacher training weekend.  Each YTT weekend is like going to a retreat. Where else does one experience three straight days of great yoga practice and the quality of interchange of ideas on so many different aspects of life? You put so much into this training. There’s not a single book, class segment or assignment that I would change! Every one contributes to an over all experience that’s remarkable.
       Martha (200 hour graduate)

Thanks for another great weekend of growth.  I just wanted to share with you the comments I received after subbing  a beginning yoga class today.  All of the participants thanked me and asked what kind of yoga I had taught.  The focus of my class was to warm up all joints and to do all of the ranges of motion for the spine and shoulder.  They  loved it.

Thanks for making me a better teacher,

          Lynda (200 hour FYTT graduate)

Hi, Pam.  Just a quick note to say thank you for having such a wonderful Yoga Teacher Training Program.  It is so nice to have such qualified teachers available to studios like mine, and I find time and time again that your teachers are among the most solid available, even as brand new teachers.

          Jennifer Hojnacki, owner of Valley Vinaysa yoga studio 

As I was driving home, I was reflecting on the whole teacher training experience.  It is hard to believe it is almost over, which makes me sad in a way and excited, too.  I feel I have learned soooo about myself personally and as a teacher.  I remember back when I filled out the application and read over all of the requirements of the program.  The notion of teaching in your classes and designing and teaching sequences to be graded seemed very scary to me at the time.  The gradual process that unfolds to get from where I was in February to now is quite transformational.  I feel so much more comfortable and confident in my abilities as a teacher, and know that this is just the beginning…there is so much more to learn.  You have definitely prepared me and given me the tools to take that first step toward being a teacher.  I appreciate all that you have shared with me, all of your encouragement, honesty and support, and I look forward to learning even more in the future.


          Dani (200 hour FYTT graduate)

This teacher training has been a wonderful experience. You are an excellent teacher!  You have an awesome ability to make a yoga class a great class for the beginning student, and make that same class a great class for an experienced yoga student.  That holds true for your teacher training course as well.  The course material and your teaching ability educates a newer yoga student, like me, as well as students, like some of my classmates, who have been practicing and studying yoga for many years.

I wish I had a stronger  and broader vocabulary base because I am sure there are better words to use to communicate the impact this experience has had on me.    Words from my limited vocabulary to describe this journey are GRATEFUL AND AWESOME!

Thank you!

          Karen (200 hour FYTT graduate)

Thank you….for guiding me to approach life; consciously with a steady mind, passionate and humble heart, strong and flexible body and spirit. The journey of yoga has deepened and resonates within me because you have helped guide it within me.

200 hour graduates fall 2011


          Erin (200 hour FYTT graduate)

You have such a gift for understanding asana.  Your strong point that makes you a totally phenomenal teacher is the way you can let go and get into a student’s body.  What you are doing with this yoga TT is so great, for me yes, but it’s such a service to the teachers (and their students) who come to you, because of your thought provoking approach.

I have really enjoyed TT.  There are so many gifted teachers coming out of your program, I feel honored to teach alongside all of you.

I wanted to take a moment to let you know what an impact you have made on my perception of teaching yoga.  I came in thinking a lot about alignment and the right answers.  The greatest gift (outside of the philosophy part of the training) has been to step aside and be able to ask the body the right questions.  So…thank you.

          Eli (200 hour FYTT Graduate)

The training has been great!   Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and taking the time to make us better yogis and teachers.  I know this all has given me a strong platform to teach from and that’s exactly what I was hoping to take away from the training.  It’s been great and although I’m ready to be done with homework, I’m already getting a little sad to see this experience end.

Thanks again for everything.  See you in class tonight.

          Jennifer (200 hour FYTT graduate)

Your teacher training has been TRULY LIFE CHANGING. I am so happy, excited, thankful (tearful) to have had the experience. I learn so much from YOU everytime I am around you…not only how to be a fantastic teacher, but how to be an all-round good person.


          Meg (200 hour FYTT graduate)

I’ve had an especially meaningful home practice today and gave many thanks for having you as teacher.  Of your qualities that I am learning of, your ability to accept and affirm all persons… their respective levels, is highly respected and appreciated by me.  Steve was so right when he said, “Pam is truly a compassionate teacher.”

Thank you for this model and inspiration.

Enjoy the day,

          Dede  (200 hour FYTT graduate)