Pam Schulte

Pam Schulte, Founder Just Practice Yoga

Pam has been teaching yoga in St Louis for 20 years and has experience with students of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities.  She is a 500-hour Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and is also certified as a yoga therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists.  Pam encourages students to focus on connecting breath with movement to create a meditation in motion.  She views students as snowflakes…meaning no two students bodies are exactly alike and has a compassionate style which encourages students to alter the practice based on their unique make up.  Pam aims to make yoga enjoyable and accessible to everyone; as well as to inspire, challenge and empower students to take responsibility for their practice…on and off the yoga mat.

Kelli White

Kelli White

I wandered into Pam Schulte’s yoga class in 2005 and knew in my gut that I was “home.”  I felt an instant connection to her and her teaching style.  Her class emphasized safety and listening to your body instead of trying to achieve some contortion that may be out of your body’s range.  I deepened my practice in 2012 by completing her 200 hour Teacher Training.  I have taught weekly classes and private practices since that time.  I like to fuse different yoga disciplines into my classes.  Typically, my classes are vinyasa flow with some yin yoga or restorative poses added in.  I try to get a “feel” for what my students bring to class and adjust for their level of energy and experience.  Whether you are a beginner or experienced practitioner, I would be grateful to have the opportunity to offer my guidance in your practice. 

Kelly Martin, RYT-200

Kelly Martin

Kelly is a Saint Louis native.  Her quest to harmonize body, mind and spirit led her to begin practicing yoga in 2002 and to complete her 200-hour certification in 2013.  Kelly sees yoga practice as a tool to instill change and growth in ones life.  She brings humor, support and a non-judgmental attitude to her classes for a fun and nurturing learning environment. Classes are open to students of all yoga practice levels.

Kelly describes herself as a “yoga practicing, vegetable and dark chocolate loving everyday yoga instructor.”   Kelly says: “You may not hear a lot of Sanskrit in my classes but you’ll probably get plenty of corny jokes, lots of core and balance work, and plenty of deep stretches.”

Teaching yoga is one of Kelly’s greatest pleasures.  Kelly practices yoga to nourish her teaching but teaches yoga to nourish her life.

Ashley Ribaudo and Kate Steer

Ashley and Kate

Ashley started her yoga journey in 2013 and was fortunate enough to find Ashtanga Yoga shortly thereafter. The practice of Ashtanga yoga spoke to her and she quickly committed to a daily Mysore practice.  She has been lucky enough to study intensively with Certified teachers Jorgen Christiansson and Govinda Kai.  Ashley has also completed level 1 Yoga Therapy Certification with Ginger Gardner. She believes yoga is more than what you do on the mat and that it is a deeply personal journey.

Kate has been practicing yoga intermittently since college. Her interest increased as a working professional as she observed the balance that yoga provided.  She was introduced to Ashtanga in 2014 by Kelly Hogan and felt that she had found her home in this practice. She has attended weekend workshops with a number of Certified/Authorized teachers and had completed multiple intensives with Certified teacher Govinda Kai.  Since dedicating herself to Ashtanga, she has observed innumerable positive life changes, and she looks forward to sharing the practice with others.

Jeanne Jones

Jeanne Jones (sub)

Jeanne (Campbell) Jones began practicing Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga in 2001 and began teaching those same styles in 2004.  In 2008 Jeanne completed the 200-hour teacher training program with Pam Schulte of Just Practice Yoga with a focus on Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga.  In 2011 Jeanne became a mother and stepped away from a regular teaching schedule for 5 years to focus on her family.  During her time away from teaching she remained dedicated to a personal practice with the intention of finding and maintaining a sense of calm and focus.  As part of Jeanne’s yoga teaching journey, she has been having a blast teaching yoga for kids with her children’s classes in the MRH school district.  She is excited to be back in a regular teaching role and hopes to bring a fresh perspective to her classes while staying true to her passion for energetic Vinyasa Flow with a focus on alignment and breath.

Mike Shabsin (sub)

Mike Shabsin

Mike Shabsin has been practicing yoga and meditation since 1998 (before the turn of the century) and continues to deepen his practice and understanding of life through the lens of yoga. After practicing consistently for many years, his long time teacher Kitty Daly encouraged him to undertake his Yoga Alliance Certification, which he completed in 2006. Michael has been living his yoga for more than 20 years and has been teaching for more than half of that time. He embodies the teachings in all aspects of his daily life. He brings strength and softness to teaching while encouraging each student to fully connect with body, mind and spirit.



Pam Scholl

Pam Scholl

Pam has been practicing yoga since 2005 and received her 200-hour teaching certification in 2016.  She is a certified Relax and Renew instructor of Restorative Yoga (2017) and completed Eldoa 1-3 training (poses creating spinal extension and healthy connective tissue around the spine) in 2018.  Pam is inspired by the power of yoga on and off the mat, and she provides a safe and supportive space for students to open and expand by practicing not pushing. There is no small pose in yoga…all poses shift the body.  She teaches alive, alignment aware, theme-based active classes and a restorative class that creates rest and ease for the whole body.  Pam holds a B.F.A. from Fontbonne University and lives in Webster Groves.

Janiece Browne

Janiece Browne

Janiece became a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance in April 2017 and has taught yoga in Florida and Texas. She believes that the human body needs to move in order to stay healthy, and that yoga should be accessible for everyone.  Janiece leads by building the poses sequentially, from the ground up, providing modifications as needed to make sure every student can participate and feel successful, yet challenged in their practice. She draws attention to breathing and being present, inviting students to set aside the cares of the day to enable a fun and relaxing time of restoration.  In 2017, Janiece also earned certification in Sky Styx Yoga. The Sky Styx offer a “movement methodology” that enables better mobility and range of motion for people of all walks of life. Prior to teaching yoga, Janiece retired from a management career with The Boeing Company in 2015. She recently returned to St Louis after living in San Antonio, Texas, and is enjoying rediscovering the wealth of experiences the city of St Louis offers.

Tajar Work 200 E-RYT/500 RYT, YACEP

Taj is a mother, an artist, a student, and a teacher.  She completed her 200 hour teacher training at Prana Yoga St. Louis in the summer of 2015.  In 2017 she graduated from an advanced 300 hour training at Circle Yoga Shala in Jasper, Arkansas with yoga therapists Holly and Matthew Krepps.  This program, rooted in an east-meets-west approach, is the first year of a three year yoga therapy program.  With over 1000 hours of teaching experience, she also acts as a mentor for current students in the Circle Yoga Shala 300 hour training.  Taj’s classes are gradual and intentional, where repetitive movements synchronized with breath come before the stillness of longer holds.  Emphasis is often placed on breath and inquiry, creating space for students to get out of their heads and into their bodies and hearts.  Taj is blessed to be able to spend most of her time these days with her son Sawyer, but you can also find her teaching classes and workshops at studios in and around the St. Louis area.